About our school

Background and History

Mondeor Eco School opened its doors on 15 January 2007. It started as a small homeschool with only four students and one teacher. By the end of the first term there were ten students enrolled. The owners then bought the current premises and re-opened its doors in May 2007.

During the first year the school functioned in phases rather than in classes per grade, as the number of students were too small and the students were all in different grades. In 2008 there were thirty students and one class per grade. In 2009 there were 78 enrolled students. We also now had a teacher per class in the Primary School, as well as for Grade 8 and 9. The High School from Grade 10 – 12 had a qualified teacher per subject.

The school was initially started as there was a need for small class teaching where students could receive individual attention on a one-to-one basis. At the same time the need for a less stressful environment for children that struggled in the main stream schools was created. The owners had the idea to create a farm environment and to use nature and animals in the development of the students. This also fulfilled a specific need in the school market for a more holistic approach to teaching.

The school is owned by the directors Erna and Freddie Goss and is governed by a well-qualified and able governing body. Together the members of the governing body have fifty years of experience in working with children, making them skilled and equipped to manage the school. The teachers are also well qualified and committed to the learning process and the vision of the school. Together these two teams form a stable and strong foundation for the future growth of Mondeor Eco School.

Our School Song

We’ll honour our great school today
the best school of them all
We’ll honour every rule we know
We’ll all walk proud and tall
Between our spirit, body, soul
a balance there will be.
At one with nature, one with God
As happy as can be

In God se liefde staan ons trou
ons fondament staan vas.
Ons passie is ons kinders hier
in elke graad of klas.
Ons het u lief o Mondeor
ons hef ons lofsang nou.
Ons strewe sal vir altyd wees
om u eer hoog te hou.

Alex Simpson