Every year in the springtime we host our Mondeor Eco Golf Day where we invite businesses and individual sponsors to participate and help us raise funds for the school's expansions and improvements.
After the day's competition, everyone gets together for dinner, drinks and a prize-giving at the Clubhouse.

Thanks to everyone who takes part in this annual event, and we hope to see you again next year!

Thanks to all our great sponsors, who made the 2018 Golf Day possible.


Every now and then, the Mondi community takes a moment to celebrate another passing year with a farm-style fair. Between the goodies and knick-knacks for sale, potjiekos competition, live entertainment and carnival rides, 2017's farm festival was an absolute pleasure to host.

This year, the Mondi community will take a moment to celebrate the warming weather with the Heritage Festival! In preparation for 1 September, every learner is playing a part in preparing our main attraction, a concert in which our budding thespians and dancers will present many aspects of South Africa's heritage.