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Mondeor Eco School began in 2007 with one learner and one teacher. There are now more than 350 learners and more than 70 staff! With our first decade behind us, we set our sights on new targets. Instead of explosive growth, we want to recommit to sustainability, responsibility and community. With this in mind, we are rooted in our values and the things that have made our school what it is today. Our efforts are aimed at being recognised as an institution and having a presence in the community. We hope this website expresses our renewed vision for the future, and what we can offer as an institution.

Our Vision

Mondeor Eco School is a safe place where everyone is challenged, empowered, and prepared to become their best selves as thinking, feeling, and acting beings.

Our Mission

A school that is:

  • Responsible, growth-oriented, sustainable, safe, active in the community
  • An advocate on social and environmental issues
  • Giving back to the community
  • Transparent, communicative, welcoming, passionate
  • Encouraging collaboration and communication

Learners who are:

  • Committed to social justice and sustainability
  • Comfortable and critical readers in languages and mathematics
  • Active and engaged in the community
  • Emotionally intelligent, realistic
  • Empathetic, caring, tolerant
  • Reflective and open-minded

Staff who are professional and positive role models and uphold the school’s values.

Approaches to Education

Whole Learner

The school was founded on the philosophy that schools, instead of treating children as only minds for learning, should treat children as young people with physical and emotional facets as well. We emphasise teaching the whole person, with their own backgrounds, personalities and experiences.

We believe that one learns by mapping new knowledge onto one’s experiences. By treating learners as people with individual experiences and ways of making sense of things, we can help them tap into their learning ability more effectively. This is a leading factor in our decision to limit class sizes. Our status as an independent school, with small classes and green outdoors, allows us to give our children a safe place to grow and learn.

Reading to Learn

As of 2018, every educator from RR - 12 is trained in Reading to Learn. RtL is a teaching methodology that complements any grade, subject, or curriculum. It is a structured method that gives learners powerful reading and writing strategies, helping them to develop as independent, confident and critical readers.


Mondeor Eco School is part of the WESSA Eco-Schools programme. We maintain an annual portfolio of environmental and community projects to retain our “Diamond” status as an eco-school.

“Mondeor Eco School is a prime example of what an eco-school is. For the past eleven years, they have sustained recycling projects at the school - the eco message is practiced every day at school. It has been embedded into the grain of the school.” ~Freya Brett, Eco-Schools Moderator


We offer a range of sports dependent on our learners’ interest, including:

  • Tag Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Cross Country Running
  • Netball
  • Athletics (track and field)
  • Chess

There are also external activities for learners like Dance, Archery and Judo.

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