High School

Grade 8 – 12


Senior Phase:  7:50 – 14:20
FET Phase: 7:50 – 15:00

We encourage learners to direct their interests and think about careers early in their high school career. We offer several elective subject packages that fall into three broad streams: Vocational Studies, STEM, and Social Studies.

Vocational subjects include Hospitality and Tourism. We have an excellent record of learners getting placements at hotel and cooking schools.

Our STEM stream consists of science subjects. These subjects are a requirement for tertiary degrees in science, engineering or medicine. A strong foundation in maths is necessary for these, as well as for accounting or actuarial science.

Social Studies is our catchall name for subjects which, although not STEM, will make you eligible for university. These subjects are best suited for people who are interested in social sciences, business, education, and law.

Class sizes are strictly limited to ensure quality education. In Grades 8 – 9, register classes are capped at 16 learners, although language classes are sometimes larger groups of 20 – 25 learners because most work will be covered in groups. In FET, we make sure to keep our elective classes small. We have diagnostic tools for identifying learners’ specific needs and finding solutions that work for each learner.

Learners have a choice of clubs in which to participate, these include:

  • Eco Club (Helping the school to maintain our Eco Status by taking part in eco projects)
  • Esperanza (Christian youth society)
  • Games Club (playing board games and fantasy games)
  • Mondi Wings (school newspaper)
  • Drama Club (taking part in Eisteddfod and other competitions)

The Learner Representative Council (LRC) is elected annually through a democratic process where the learners of the school have a chance to make themselves available as leaders of the body of learners.

Annual LRC Selection

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